What is Big Data?

Big Data is self-explanatory which means large, instant, diverse and unorganised information. For example, the community website, such as Facebook’s message, Facebook post feed, it gets more than 1.2 billion from the world’s mail information, and it is an example of big data. However, if the big data has been carefully analysis and those data can assist with decision-making or opportunities-discovery. Therefore, it is said that looking into the big data is like “mining (data mining)”. Sometime, you can find where the gold is.

According to a research conducted in Japan SEVEN-ELEVEN, they have developed a theory of “753 flu index”: If the temperature’s difference during a day up to 7 degrees and comparing with yesterday is 5 degrees, and the difference of humidity is more than 30%, then they will need to prepare more flu medications in the counter for the potential need. This is the example of getting the information from the Big data.

In general, to be able to explore the useful information from a large amount of data is difficult and it required two kinds of professionals.

Data Scientist/Analysis

Data scientist, who requires to be familiar not only the data analysis but also know how to explore the useful information which benefit the organisation across different platforms and resources. Data scientist must have solid experience of information/ data analysis and mathematics and also the foreseeing ability to predict and oversee the upcoming possibility. With this professional’s skill, it is to assist with the company forecast the future possibility as well as find out the current existing problem.

Big data engineer

Another important role is a big data engineer. Big data engineer need to specialise in statistical and information analysis skills, and sophisticated in data engineer software and computer knowledge.
By utilising big data, it is easier to understand consumer’s lifestyle and purchasing behaviour patterns, and with that information to provide suitable “customized” services.

Organisation and education institution to create the future courses
There is a high demand of professionals in this field nowadays. However, comparing to the normal career professional, talents who specialised in this field are still rare. Education Institutions are opening new courses for students who are interested in becoming big data engineer. It is important to have the professionals skills however, to be able to foresee the future possibility and be able to adopt to the rapid-moving market changes which eventually can open up a business opportunity is what the organisations are looking for.