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DMS Services assist solicitors, law firms and barristers with their business challenges in terms of handling client documents and information. Our systems help with maximising fee earners’ billable hours and reduce the overheads of recovering legal costs by shrinking admin and increasing accessibility to the information they need.

Our systems enable solicitors, barristers and legal firms to manage the storage, retrieval and workflow of a large variety of documents on a daily basis including Court documents, client records, Title Deeds, Mortgage Deeds, Pleadings, Wills, Contracts, Eviction Notices, Divorce Agreements, Deeds of Trust, Letters of Intent, Articles of Incorporation, Bills of Sale, Licensing Agreements and many more.

DMS Services solutions work by digitally capturing, storing and indexing documents into a central document pool which can be securely indexed and filed against a case number. This enables staff working on a case to view all documents relating to that specific case.

Inactive files

Closed or inactive files can divert a firm from its core activities – practicing law. Even with a good system to manage file information and location, inactive files increase in number and take up valuable office space. The job of managing and administering inactive files can take resources away, create delays and take time away from current and future cases. No matter what size the practice is, we can assess your individual situation and put together a solution that will give total control and fast access to your matters and save you time, effort and resources.

Document Control

Creation and handling of case files

Storage and versioning of case files

Searchable files written using technical specifications

Easy access to each lawsuit’s documentation

Ability to link data files to create larger case records

Ability to convert hard copy documents to searchable digital files using a scanner and DMS OCR capabilities

Handled Documents

Client Information

Case Files

Improved Processes

Management of the practice archive

Creation of files

Production, handling, and consultation of case files

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