Form & Invoice Processing

Remove the risk of frustrating your customers

Take advantage of our intelligent document processing technology and remove the risk of mistakes in manually processing forms. Customers are using physical and electronic channels to submit forms. DMS’ multi-channel document processing solution consolidates and automates workflows and delivers ratified information directly into your organisation.

Form Processing

DMS has extensive experience in the processing of physical and electronic forms. Using advanced data capture technology, our document processing centres are equipped to manage variable volumes of forms, using efficient and flexible workflows that respond to the needs of our clients.

  •          OCR and ICR technology is utilised to recognise handwritten and machine-printed characters
  •          Improved data accuracy is achieved by applying data validation to addresses, credit and ID checks
  •          Service level performance and reporting is provided through a standard monitoring system

Examples of the physical and electronic forms we have processed include:

  •          Application form
  •          Claims form
  •          Insurance form
  •          Membership renewal form
  •          Order form
  •          Questionnaires
  •          Surveys
  •          Marketing reply form or response cards

We offer our clients access to highly secure and certified document processing centres. This allows our clients to focus on their core activities, whilst DMS captures their data accurately and delivers it within an agreed timeframe, at a reduced cost.

Invoice Processing

The digital solution for invoice data

Managing accounts payable globally in different languages and formats is complex and time consuming. Invoices need to be processed quickly and processing invoices manually is costly and labour intensive.

To make sure invoice processing is efficient, documents need to be digitised and the process must be automated. Overcoming challenges involves reducing throughput times and costs, and also increasing transparency and flexibility.

DMS accounts payable management configures the entire invoicing process for you, thus supporting you in your professional invoice processing. DMS digital accounts payable management improves transparency, simplifies filing and payment processing – in full compliance with data protection legislation.