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An administration department can deal with a high volume of documents and a wide variety of document types. This means the need to be as efficient and organised as possible is paramount.

Administrative departments generally cover a wide range of support functions and often assist other departments such as HR, finance, IT and operations. Some functions of the administration department will include processing paperwork from external suppliers, processing internal paperwork and information, making bookings and reservations, organising meetings, general office management, security and safety.

HR departments are notorious for their high paperwork volumes. In larger companies, staff will join and leave on a daily basis, which means new employee personnel records are generated and archived every day. On top of this there are documents such as contract agreements, absence forms, medical forms, pension forms all of which add to the volume of paperwork.

DMS Services offer a range of options to allow HR managers to efficiently capture and associate documents with employees by name or staff number. This eliminates the need for document storage either in filing cabinets or off site in an expensive storage facility.
Digitising your paper HR records and files is quick, simple and brings a whole host of benefits.

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