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The Financial Services industry is facing many challenges. From tighter budgets, increase competition, and greater regulatory requirements. Financial Services is naturally paper intensive and involves the exchange of a large number of documents between multiple individuals, departments and organisations. One of the main challenges is maintaining productivity whilst managing costs and overcoming continual compliance changes.

The smallest investment firm with approximately 500 clients could be looking at generating 75,000 new sheets of paper every year. Increase this number significantly for a large bank and before you know it you have a huge archive – much of which you are legally bound not to destroy. As we all know, paper files are difficult to find, very easy to misplace and costly to replicate and distribute.

At DMS Services, we offer a range of services that allow finance departments to efficiently capture and associate documents of all types including the large amounts of paperwork from invoices and purchase orders, to expenses forms, receipts and credit card statements. We can scan just about any type of document regardless of size, type or format. These documents are scanned, uploaded and integrated into your own system by our highly skilled team. By doing this you can eliminate the need for physical document storage, which means space savings and cost savings amongst many other benefits. By using an electronic document management system, all physical and digital documents can be easily captured and stored.

DMS Services helps you gain control over all your document processes – so you gain the confidence you need to succeed.

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