Paperless Office – Future Document Management Solution

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When it comes to work, everyone seems to be used to the paper workflow in either doing report, archiving information or as backup. It was estimated employees in US spent about a trillion sheets of paper each year by photocopying or printing, and the number will increase to 1.6 trillion if the other paper will

RFID application in retail supply chain

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RFID application in retail supply chain In recent years, radio frequency identification (RFID) applications have been seen as one of the technologies that change human consumption chain, and they have been used in our daily life such as swipe cards and ETC gift cards. For the past few years, RFID technology continue to improve which

Simple tips of Document Management

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We often hear the project team or manager complain about the lost file and everyone spends a lot of time searching for it. They might be in storage or they have been sitting on someone’s desk underneath the pile of other documents. Even if you have found the document, it probably is the wrong

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