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Simple tips of Document Management

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We often hear the project team or manager complain about the lost file and everyone spends a lot of time searching for it. They might be in storage or they have been sitting on someone’s desk underneath the pile of other documents. Even if you have found the document, it probably is the wrong

HR – Go Paperless

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David Wilkinson of Storetec examines the issues - and potential benefits - involved in moving towards a 'paper-lite' HR function More and more HR departments are joining the digital revolution and going paperless. HR is at the heart of all businesses: recruiting, training, assessing and managing staff is all done through this essential department. The

From paper file to digital data – Create a range of efficient document management

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Although the recent operation of enterprise information management has become more and more comprehensive, the paper documentation does not completely disappear from the workflow.  However, for papers contain confidential information or original documents, the necessity of keeping and storing files will not be replaced by the digital revolution. For some reasons such as government

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