Document Scanning

DMS Services is a leading provider of Document Scanning Services, Managed Print Services and Document Management Solutions. We offer an innovative and diverse range of cost and time saving solutions to businesses looking to make savings through process based improvements.


Most of our customers are looking to outsource their scanning because they don’t have either time, hardware, skills or other resources to undertake the job. Our scanning service can be used for businesses in every industry sector or geographic location. With an initial free consultancy, high or low volume services plus options including OCR, high security and a range of supported formats you can be sure that document scanning from DMS Services will be suitable for any business in any industry. Whether you are looking to scan a large document archive or looking to scan documents on a daily basis we are here to help.

Often, we take a sample file from our customers to give them an example of what the results would be like. Our customers find this really useful and it gives them an opportunity to see an example of the end product before committing to the work. This is also a useful process if you need to convince a budget holder of the benefits of getting your documents scanned.

The first step in digitalising your organisation is to scan your physical documents which will also reduce valuable storage space. In addition, DMS Services can further add efficiencies by capturing documents when they enter your organisation from both physical and digital channels. We add value to your incoming information by validating and enriching your data and improve processes by:

  • Cutting the time spent on re-keying data and searching for paper copies and filing
  • Preventing the loss of paperwork or case files

  • Monitoring workflow progress

  • Reacting quicker to compliance and audit enquiries

  • Reallocating workloads and smoothing peaks

  • Unified and enriched data from multiple sources

  • Better and faster access, improved shareability and better data quality help you to increase the response time to communicate internally and with your customers.

For over a decade, we have leveraged our knowledge, experience and expertise to govern physical information flows and utilised state of the art imaging, capture and output technology to optimise inbound and outbound information processes to deliver high impact results for our clients. Our staff of experienced professionals collaborates with your team to advise bespoke solutions to meet your business process and document management needs.

Contact us today to arrange free consultation, or read the pages below for further information about our scanning services and the different industries to which they can be applied.

  • 1. Collection

    The first part of the document scanning process is for us to collect you documents. We offer a FREE CBD collection service. If you require a daily service we can also offer this service.

  • 2. Preparation

    The second part of the process is the preparation. Documents are prepared for scanning firstly by having staples and paperclips removed. Pages are straightened, aligned, rotated and gathered up into batches ready for the scanner.

  • 3. Document Scanning

    The third stage is the document scanning. We operate top-of-the-range Fuji Xerox equipment ensuring only the highest quality images are captured. Our operators watch every document through the scanner meaning a real-time quality control process is always in effect.

  • 4. Quality Control

    The fourth stage is quality control. Digital images are checked for quality and consistency once again.

  • 5. Indexing

    The fifth stage is indexing. Images are now passed to indexing to manually extract data in order for it to be accessed at a later date via a document management system or via our own hosted system.

  • 6. Quality Control

    The sixth stage is to quality control all captured data including verification against client master databases.

  • 7. Delivery / Upload

    The seventh stage is delivery or data upload. Your images are delivered back to you on a USB stick / DVD or uploaded into either our own cloud hosted system or into your own database / EDM. Original documents can also be delivered back or destroyed (see below).

  • 8. Shredding and Recycling

    The final stage is shredding and recycling. Once you are happy you have everything you need your paperwork is either returned to you or securely shredded, pulped and recycled. A certificate of destruction is then issued.