Archive Scanning

DMS Services is equipped with the latest high speed, high volume document scanners – perfect for document archive scanning. This means we can accommodate large volume document archives with an impressive turnaround time and without compromising on accuracy or security.

Archive scanning projects normally involve the collection of boxes and files (the archive) either in one collection or gradually over a period of time. Our expert team will initially asses the size of your archive and then work out the best way to progress the project in the most efficient manner possible. Once the documents have been scanned, you can have the option to have them returned or choose to have them destroyed, shredded and recycled. At the end of this process we provide a certificate of destruction to give you that peace of mind that your data is 100% secure.

The Latest Archive Scanning Equipment

Due to the sheer volumes of documents we process during an archive scan our choice of hardware is often different to that used in our smaller scanning jobs. At DMS, we are equipped with the very latest high-volume scanners from Fuji Xerox. These scanners look and perform very differently to the type of scanner most people will be familiar with. Most importantly there is no sacrifice in quality, but they do allow us to scan much larger batches of documents in a more efficient way.