Archive. Thinking inside the box.

Your records are an asset. If you have document storage or document archiving requirement or active documents or records which you need to access at short notice but want to store at a secure offsite facility then the DMS Offsite Records Management Services can help you manage, store and access your documents.
Our Records Management Solution has a Range of Benefits:

  • Allows you to maximise your office space
  • Enables you to consolidate real estate
  • Safe and secure physical document storage solutions
  • Quick and easy access to your files and documentation
  • Document retrieval can be returned to you in your chosen format – digitally or hard-copy
  • Dedicated customer service to help and assist you
  • Assurance of compliance, reducing business risk
  • Requests for documents or records can be made online, via phone or email and delivered either physically or electronically within hours adhering to our service levels.

DMS Services offer a cost effective way to manage the whole life cycle of documents.