Direct Mail

From cost factor to revenue stream

Use your outgoing invoices, account statements and policies to carry marketing messages. By including target group specific statements, you will generate additional sales and increase your customer loyalty.

Benefit from our direct mailing solutions and place marketing messages directly on your invoice or other outputs. You can make the most of the unused white space in the document for your own advertising, replacing the costly process of inserting additional printing, or sell the unused space to a partner (“white space marketing”). This addition of advertising messages will allow you to generate additional revenues as your clients pay greater attention to these compared to insert advertising printing.

From marketing to information handling, layout, design to the production of the entire output management; we provide you with a comprehensive list of advice, issues and options.

  • The entire data handling from data preparation to programming of the regulations, to integration of the individual advertising message and production of the physical or electronic dispatch.
  •  Integration of variable marketing element for cross and upselling.

Since inserts have to be produced and printed beforehand and need to be the same for all recipient groups, our direct mailing solution gives you greater flexibility due to the capability of being able to make last minute changes and unlimited options for individualisation. Take the pressure off your marketing budget. Place your advertising on the document which is to be delivered and take the pressure of your marketing budget.