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DMS Business Solutions

About DMS Services

DMS is a global leader in processing and managing business information.

DMS Services (Australia) is part of the global DMS Group headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland – a business unit of the Systematrix Group of Companies headquartered in Vaduz, Lichtenstein.

The DMS Group is a leading outsourcing provider of solutions for organisations with paper-based processes and innovative services in document management. Our business supports clients in the areas of law, healthcare, aviation, property, banking, construction and general administration with their digital transformation. The DMS Group is present in all important global economic areas and collaborates with specialised partners in selected countries.

Our Organisation

DMS Services (Australia)

DMS Services (Australia) is managed by a highly motivated and experienced team that fosters and brings into fruition new ideas for today and tomorrow’s economic and market challenges.

As clients move towards digitalisation transformation, our experienced leadership team accompanies clients along this pathway and helps achieve their goals with commitment and competence.

Office Locations

Located in important economic areas, DMS has a strong presence internationally.

We are situated and work with strategic partners in important economic areas across Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia. DMS is ready to assist our clients locally and ready to help expand globally. For more detailed information please contact your local representative.

DMS Locations

Australia | Germany | Hong Kong | Qatar | Singapore|  Switzerland | Taiwan | United Arab Emirates

Meet Our Team

Meet our professional team from different offices.

George Johnson
George JohnsonRegional Director - Asia
George has many years of experience in Consulting and Information technology industries. He has successfully managed and delivered multi-million dollar projects that has assisted clients long-term cost savings. With his background and knowledge, George oversees technological changes and upcoming trends which develops strategies for our company.
Ivy Liang
Ivy LiangHead of Project and Mobile Development
Ivy has more than 10 years of experience in legal and government project management. For the past 5 years, she has developed mobile apps and has assisted in several app development projects. In addition to project management, Ivy is responsible for Marketing and Advertising for our subsidiary businesses.
Jason Liang
Jason LiangChief Technology Officer
Jason has over 15 years solid IT background and has worked with top tier companies such as IBM and Yahoo. Jason has specialised knowledge in technical architecture and works closely with us and our clients to advise them on an organisations research and development (R&D) and technological needs.

Our Commitments

DMS Services constantly transform company culture to the meet the latest technology requirement. We believe in deliver the best and updated information to our clients.


DMS Services operates in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible manner. We ensure we operate for the good of the environment and society and as a result for own long-term business success.

Environmentally and socially responsible

Entrenched in DMS Service’s vision are core values to promote sustainability, profitable growth, value our people and to care for our environment. Sustainability means more than just protecting the environment; it also accommodates economic and social aspects. We strongly believe that we can only be successful if we treat our employees fairly, take care of the environment and support the community.


The key to a sustainable business is an efficient workplace. The careful balance of economic, social and environmental requirements ensures a lean, cost-effective, yet productive and creative working environment that lessens the demand on our natural resources.

Productive workplace for a sustainable business

DMS Services aims to be efficient in our direct usage of energy, water, materials we utilise in the operation of the business and responsibly manage our waste to avert polluting the environment.
We focus on areas of the business that have the biggest impact.


To assist our international clients with their digital transformation, we ensure we have access to important economic areas globally. In regions where we do not have our own local company, we partner with specialist partner companies.

International network of expert partners

The partner companies we team-up with will offer you with all the necessary local document management services. Using this framework, we converge on our own strengths and our partners experience.