DMS Services understand the importance of secure document destruction when it comes to business data. That’s why we offer a wide range of comprehensive shredding services as part of our business solutions. From confidential shredding to data destruction, with our range of shredding companies you’ll be able to find the perfect service for your business, whatever your needs are.

Our Secure Document Destruction Solutions

Countries have different Privacy and Data Protection Laws to prevent ID and business fraud. Therefore, businesses have a responsibility and need to ensure that the data they hold is destroyed securely when it comes to the end of its life.

Other issues that fall outside Privacy and Data Protection Laws that businesses must be aware of include the secure destruction of commercially sensitive materials like quotes, misprinted invoices, drawings, discarded emails and faxes that contain information that could be very damaging to the company and its shareholders if it fell into the wrong hands. Where mishandled information is not disposed of property, the risk posed by industrial espionage, ‘dumpster diving’ (where someone raids rubbish bins) and fraud increases. This can be mitigated by a secure destruction program.

Whether you’re looking for paper shredding or data destruction, our document shredding services cover a wide range of different types of documents. By using our document shredding services, you can be assured that any document’s destruction is fully certificated, auditable and operates in line with a country’s Privacy and Data Protection Laws.