End-of-Cycle Destruction

At some point your documents will reach the end of their life cycle and when they do, you will need to dispose of them securely and in an environmentally friendly way.

If a document contains any confidential information, you are legally obliged to dispose of them separately from your normal waste. DMS Services will securely shred your confidential documents, recycle them in an environmentally friendly way and issue you with a secure destruction certificate.

The environmental aspect

In addition to organisations needing to mitigate their risk by using a secure shredding and recycling service, many organisation have to demonstrate their corporate and social responsibility, and responsible recycling is one of those requirements.

Certificate of Destruction

Each time your confidential records have been destroyed, you will be provided with a Certificate of Destruction as confirmation that the items have been securely disposed of, to ensure that you have an auditable trail. The destruction of redundant documents and records ensures that your business complies with the provisions in legislation. Professional document destruction may also prevent documents from falling into the hands of a competitor, disgruntled employee or persons with malicious intent, that may cause your company financial or public embarrassment.