Optimised integrated customer communication

Your customers demand to receive communication in the most convenient format, physical or digital. By outsourcing your output process to DMS, this allows you to gain from our experience with combined output management, that will improve quality control, reduce costs all achieved through our highest security levels.

In today’s business environment of exceeding customer expectations, stringent compliance, rigorous data security requirements and the difficulty to manage costs, your output management process has become the central point of an effective customer communication. DMS can manage your overall output process from the formation of data in your source systems, to layout, consignment assembly, and physical print and packaging. We further enrich the quality of your output documents, decrease logjams in your organisation, enable monitoring and establish consistency in your customer communications.

With our far-reaching capability, we have helped our customers to:

  • Save on production and postage costs and reduce processing times
  • Simplify output data structure
  • Reduce operational risks
  • Safeguard data protection for sensitive documents and reduce compliance risks
  • Respond to changing customer preferences for the receipt of digital or physical documents