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Most healthcare organizations process and print high volumes of documents – posing a serious risk of document compliance breaches. Not to mention concerns over cost and efficiency. DMS Services Healthcare Solutions can help you streamline workflows to enhance security at every step of the patient information lifecycle.

DMS Services provides various document management solutions including scanning medical records for high volume scanning, data capture and archiving. Our clients vary from larger departments through to smaller consultants including Specialists, Doctors, Dentists and other healthcare workers operating from small offices who want to be able to access patient records online at any time and in any location.

Providing confidential patient record scanning & medical document management solutions.

Given the sensitive and confidential nature of patient records and other healthcare documentation, DMS Services ensures that all document management projects are processed accurately and confidentially within a highly secure environment. We excel in delivering a service standard that is unparalleled. Reputation is everything, and that’s why we see so much work based on referrals. Medical records are some of the most sensitive documents of all and they need to be handled with the greatest levels of care and security.

Our document management services for the medical and healthcare industries include:

  • Patient records scanning. The secure scanning of medical notes and records.
  • Secure and confidential private record keeping and management.
  • Assisting with the cull of inactive patient files to free up space and reduce the administrative burden. We can co-ordinate the entire process, from removing the records from shelves to migration to offsite storage.
  • We can manage the scanning and archival, or provide electronic patient software, systems, installation and setup.
  • Available to the entire healthcare medical sector, including hospital patient record scanning, record keeping in small practices and by consultants, and anywhere where private medical records need to be kept.
  • Providing secure destruction of obsolete records.
  • From thousands of records to hundreds of thousands, active or inactive, we can help you to implement a cost effective, time and space saving answer to your medical record management needs.
  • Document Management Solutions understands that managing medical records is different to the process of archiving general business records. Individual patient files need to be accurately tracked and delivered in a hurry if required. DMS Services has helped the Healthcare industry manage information accurately, confidentially and securely.

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