Data Destruction

Many organisations are aware that the biggest external threat to any company’s operational capability is unauthorised third parties gaining access to sensitive data or if such data falls into their control. Computers, hard disks, PCs, old servers and even printers is where the most unguarded risk lies. These risks can be mitigated by ensuring the removal and destruction of computer storage media devices such as USB drives, hard disks, CDs, back up tapes and floppy disks.

When the job is completed, we will issue Certificate of Destruction, ensuring you have met your duties under your country’s Privacy or Data Protection Legislation.

We can shred any media bearing items, including:

  • Hard drives
  • Mobile phones
  • Other storage devices (CDs, USBs, DVDs, Floppy Discs etc)
  • Magnetic Media (DLT, DDS, LTO, DAT Tapes etc)
  • Other Items (Security Fobs etc)
  • And more…